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Hints to Control Anger

by Swami Sivananda

1. Be alert. Pray. Do more Japa. Practise Vichara. Keep a watch over your mind. Be silent. Observe Mouna daily for an hour. Forget and forgive. Bear insult and injury. Observe Brahmacharya.

2. See God in all. Submit to God’s will. Then you cannot get angry.

3. In the morning meditate on the virtue of patience. Manifest it during the day. Take a vow‘I will practise endurance and Kshama (forgiveness) during the day’.

4. Speak sweetly. Speak little.

5. Mix little. Have congenial company. Have Satsanga. Read spiritual books.

6. Remember the lives of saints like Ekanath, the Avanti Brahmin of the llth Skandha of the Bhagavata. You will derive inspiration. You will develop love and Kshama.

7. Give up intoxicating liquors, meat and tobacco.

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